Greenbuilding Do you see green everywhere you go? As in money flying out the windows of poorly insulated buildings? Opportunities to improve energy efficiency at nearly every turn?

Then it may be time for you to suit up.

The Red Bank Environmental Commission is putting together a 'green team' to help guide the borough government through what it hopes will result in a certification from Sustainable Jersey for building efficiency and other measures.

Led by chairman Andres Simonson, the commission will put on a slide show about Sustainable Jersey at tonight's meeting of the mayor and council.

Sustainable Jersey, an initiative of the New Jersey League of Municipalities and a handful of other groups, was launched in February to provide training and grant money to towns so they can begin their tranformation toward greater energy efficiency.

Among the tools available are audits of goverment buildings for efficient energy use.

From an announcement by Simonson:

The Green Team will be tasked with enhancing the quality of life in our borough
through the three principles of sustainability – environmental stewardship, economic development, and social equity.

The Green Team, relying on the funding and technical resources available through Sustainable Jersey, will work to implement healthful, valuable, and humane long-term improvements to our community…

The RBEC believes Sustainable Jersey
provides a comprehensive and navigable roadmap to further this
commendable goal. Using the program as a driver we can achieve the
vision of a Green Bank, while keeping sight of economic development
and social equities as well.

The mayor and council meet tonight at 7:30p at borough hall, 90 Monmouth Street.

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