Today's Red Bank oRBit tourbus offers up an exclusive chat — yes, it's a talking bus — with a true
living legend of show business: Uncle Floyd Vivino, fabled farouk of
local cable and UHF broadcasts, and a man who will famously perform
everywhere from a Bar Mitzvah to The Borgata.

Floyd Vivino Everywhere, that is, except
the Red Bank Street Fair — and you'll have to look in to find out his reason

Floyd will be visiting the area this weekend, and we caught up
with the ridiculously hard-working entertainer and father of seven to glean some words of wisdom on showbiz,
television, print media — and some sobering thoughts on the prospects of
making a living on the internet.

It's all here in oRBit, along with a "grand tour" of your guided-excursion
options during this weekend's TriCity Arts Tour. Whether it's a horse and
buggy jaunt through the historic streets of Red Bank, a trolley ride around
the "urban sculpture park" of Long Branch or a creep through the allegedly
haunted corners of Asbury's Paramount, we've got your ticket — along with
more inside info than you'll find in the event's official sponsor, the APP.

Get on the bus, and let us direct your view — to the oRBit side!

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