IMG_6268 Three firefighters in a Long Branch FD cherry picker pour water on the smoldering remains of the Shrewsbury blaze late this afternoon. (Click to enlarge)

Some updates from today’s Memory Bowling fire in Shrewsbury:

• The fire is under control but there are numerous ‘hot spots’ of burning material spread throughout the structure, Shrewsbury Fire Chief Pete Gibson tells redbankgreen.

• The cause of the fire is under investigation, Gibson says. Investigators appeared to be keying on electrical conduit that was above a ceiling in the structure’s northeast corner.

• Newman Springs Road between Route 35 and Shrewsbury Avenue remained closed at 5:30p as a demolition crew prepared to knock in the exterior walls of the building. Officials said detours may remain in effect well into the night.

IMG_6281Investigators removed and later took detailed photographs of a burned electrical conduit.

IMG_6304 Melted roof beams and burned pin-setting machines, as seen though an opening at the rear of Memory Bowling.

• The Laurel Street side of the building had already partly toppled on its own, as had the entire roof.

• The building was open for business at the time the fire was noticed, and there was a small birthday party underway, but everyone got out safely, according to Gibson.

• Several firefighters, who responded from a wide area, were treated for smoke inhalation.

IMG_6313 The Laurel Street side of the building collapsed in the fire.