Today’s edition of  Red Bank oRBit takes it outside the borough borders in search of a certain vibe — a vibe that can pretty much only be experienced inside the storefronts of Asbury Park’s Cookman Avenue “Arts Block.”


It’s there where the proprietors of The Showroom mini-movie house have joined forces with “Juicy Jenn” Hampton and company at the Parlor Gallery for a weekend’s worth of erotically themed entertainments and enlightenments — highlighted by the opening of the Parlor’s new offering La Petite Mort: A Collection of Erotica.

It’s a weekend that actually begins Wednesday night, as Jenn is your guest-curator host for a special screening of  Passion and Power, a documentary film that connects the history of the handy-dandy vibrator with the ongoing struggle for sexual freedom and personal privacy. Friday sees a sneak preview of the Parlor show, with a special live presentation at The Showroom by two of the most acclaimed photographers of the nude human form — Ellen Stagg (pictured) and Vivienne Maracevic.

From there, we take it over to the Axelrod Performing Arts Center in Deal, where actor, singer and storyteller Avi Hoffman makes a tour de force three-day stand — this Thursday, Friday and Sunday — performing all three of his one-man shows in his Too Jewish series. You don’t have to be Jewish, the entertainer tells Dorothy Creamer, to “get” this marathon mix of music, comedy, personal history and folklore — but there’s lots to love and learn and laugh about in this “total celebration of Jewish culture.”

A little something for everyone, you bet, in the pixelated pages of Red Bank oRBit!