Noworbiting_iconRed Bank oRBit's coverage of this weekend's Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival continues today with a big
with Jersey Shore barband bard (and guitar-guy god) Sonny Kenn, who's scheduled to headline opening night on Friday.

Sonny kenn

Those who've followed Kenn through countless gigs at favorite watering
holes like the Walt Street Pub — and back through the decades to the
primordial dawn of the Shore music scene — know him as the kind of performer
who will rock the coziest cubbyhole bar like he's riding the wrecking ball
to Giants Stadium.

And, as we discovered during a three-hour chat at his
fortress of solitude on the borough's Left Bank, he'll expound with
authority on topics that range from vintage blues 78s and surrealist
painters to the origins of Monmouth Mall and Batman's utility belt.

Also today, a reminder that the 30th annual Summer Marimba Festival is in
full swing in Asbury Park — as if you didn't know. We run down the schedule,
and tell you why Shore-based marimba master Leigh Howard Stevens could truly
be the Boss of the multiple mallets.

It's come as you are, and take away as much knowledge as you can use, today
and every day in Red Bank oRBit.

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