Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has an exclusive interview with a performer who’s always been something of a favorite around these parts — Jeffrey Gaines, the singer and songwriter who famously dueled with Peter Gabriel some years back over who would have the biggest hit with “In Your Eyes.”


A frequent visitor to the greater Red Bank area, Gaines was one of the stars of last May’s Band Together For Survival benefit at the Basie. This Sunday, June 28, he’ll be back in the borough for a special show at The Downtown. We talked to him about Red Bank, his Pennsylvania roots, and some places that can’t be triangulated on Google Earth.

From there, it’s a quick look at The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), the actual title of a speed-record spoof of all 37 Shakespeare comedies, tragedies and — in the form of an onstage football game — regal histories. Devised by a British improv troupe, the show comes to the historic and slightly haunted environs of the Woods Theatre at Monmouth U, for the first in its 2009 Shadow Lawn series of summertime stage presentations.

Like a lost packet of Astronaut Ice Cream, it’s all there, going round and round, forever in oRBit.