policewindowCrime reports provided by the Red Bank Police Department for the week of August 7 to August 14, 2009. This information appears here unedited.

Criminal Mischief occurring at West Front St. between 8-5-09 and 8-6-09. Victim reported that unknown person(s) broke the back windshield of parked vehicle and also scratched the paint in several places. Ptl. James DePonte.

Theft occurring at West Front St. Bar on 8-7-09. Victim reported unknown person(s) stole pocketbook which contained cash, camera and Ipod. Lt. Richard Mangold.

Robbery occurring at Mohawk Lane—Count Basie Park on 8-8-09. Victim reported that while walking in the park a black male early 20’s, 5’8”, thin, short hair wearing a red bandana covering mouth and facial features came up to her with a knife demanding money. Suspect fled on foot with the victim’s backpack which contained cash, debit card and I.D. Ptl. Michael Campanella.

Criminal Mischief occurring at William St. on 8-9-09. Victim reported a chip in windshield and several dents on passenger side of parked vehicle. Ptl. David Smith.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Leighton Ave. on 8-10-09. Victim reported that parked vehicle was scratched the entire length of the driver’s side by unknown person(s). Sgt. Robert Kennedy.

Criminal Mischief occurring at Broad St. parking lot on 8-10-09. Manager reported that unknown person(s) have cut metal signposts and damaged signs. Ptl. Robert Campanella.

Criminal Mischief occurring at 144 W. Bergen Place between 8-9-09 and 8-10-09. Victim reported unknown person(s) spray painted graffiti onto buildings in two locations. Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Theft occurring on West Front St. Riverside Gardens Park on 8-11-09. Report of a frame easel with two signs attached to the side was stolen by unknown person(s) Ptl. Deron Ilarazza.

Theft occurring at Tilton Ave. on 8-13-09. Victim reported that unknown person(s) stole a GPS unit from parked car. Ptl. Paul Perez.

Theft occurring on 8-13-09 at Monmouth St. Owner of business reported that an unknown white male subject in his 60’s attempted to steal an air compressor from outside of business. Employee confronted the subject and he dropped the compressor and left the area. Owner also stated that on 8-12-09 three kegs and a stainless steel kitchen table were stolen from outside the business. Ptl. George Travostino.

ARRESTS 7 Contempt of Court

Khalil Abdullah, age 22 male of Red Bank was arrested on 8-11-09 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave. for Simple Assault by Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Margaret Ramos, age 46 female of Red Bank was arrested on 8-10-09 in the area of Shrewsbury Ave. for DWI and Disorderly Conduct by Ptl. Ashon Lovick.

Robert Rezac, age 28 male of Keyport was arrested on 8-10-09 in the area of Bridge Ave. for Poss. of CDS – Heroin by Ptl. Nicholas Maletto.

Andrew Brown age 28 male from Red Bank was arrested on 8-10-09 in the area of Bridge Ave. for Poss. of CDS, Heroin and Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia by Ptl. Nicholas Maletto.

Thomas Tizzio, age 34 male of Middletown was arrested on 8-9-09 in the area of Coopers Bridge for DWI by Ptl Ashon Lovick.

Michael Verange, male age 21 of Atlantic Highlands was arrested on 8-8-09 in the area of W. Front St. for Aggravated Assault, Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct by Sgt. Frank Bitsko and Ptl. Beau Broadley.