Today’s Red Bank oRBit takes it down to Long Branch, the better to toast the memory of West End’s greatest contribution to our popular culture (after the Windmill) — the late 20th century author, activist and all-around wit Dorothy Parker.

dotsmall1A member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table, an Oscar-lauded screenwriter and one of the most-quoted poets, columnists and storytellers in American history, Mrs. Parker never made much mention of her Jersey Shore roots. But for the past several years a dedicated group of fans have carried a torch for this founding mother of the Vicious Circle, gathering at the local library for a program of readings, skits and book signings, followed by some serious cocktail action and a justifiably famous Dog Parade that includes canine costumes and an honest-to-God “Blessing of the Pets.”

There’s also an invitation to all “Parker poseys” to take part in a Dorothy Lookalike Contest, open to everyone regardless of “age, gender or hat size.”

So park it right here —  at the big round table known as Red Bank oRBit.