It’s been said that the plastic trophy looks more like a corncob than a microphone, but for a generation of artistically minded people here on the Jersey Shore, the Asbury Music Awards represent a peer-judged honor that outstrips the purely commercial concerns of the Grammys. With the 17th annual AMAs set to happen this Saturday at The Stone Pony, today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit takes a look at this “Gala Night of Celebration for Our Music Community” — an event in which the red carpet “ties the room together” as The Dude Lebowski would say.

Hosted by irrepressible ivy-leaguer Joe Harvard and featuring a sonic smorgasbord of sounds from a dozen favorite live acts (including Red Bank Regional senior, award nominee and major-label signup Cara Salimando), the big night offers more than 30 awards for music and media — with the oRBit desk humbled to report that our site has been nominated in three separate categories (including Top Publication).

It’s all here, packed with more crucial links than the Jimmy Dean Sausages factory, in the area’s most irreverently referential source for entertainment news —Red Bank oRBit!