hot-topic rightRed Bank police are looking for a burglar who tied up and fought with a 20-year-old borough man during a break-in on Branch Avenue Tuesday morning.

According to Capt. Darren McConnell, the burglar entered the single-family home through an unlocked rear door at about 7:40a, and was soon confronted by the resident.

The burglar subdued the resident and tied his hands, using clothing to bind him, McConnell said. He then began searching a bedroom for jewelry and other valuables.

The victim was able to free himself and wound up in a scrap with the burglar, McConnell said. At that point, the victim’s mother, who also lives in the house, returned home, he said.

According to McConnell, the woman screamed, and the burglar fled. The woman was not struck in the episode, and her son was uninjured.

The suspect is described as a heavyset African-American man in a brown leather jacket and a brown knit cap with a brim. He is believed to have gotten away in a tan sedan, which had been parked on the opposite side of Branch Avenue, facing south. The car, which had out-of-state-license plate, possibly from Pennsylvania, headed south, McConnell said.

The burglar is not believed to have gotten away with any valuables.

Police ask that anyone with information regarding the incident or suspect contact Inv. Juan Sardo at 732.530.2719 or the department’s anonymous tip line at 732.450.9704.