One of our readers guessed that last week’s photo was taken in Hazlet.

Um, Hazlet? Isn’t that up there near, you know, Wasilla?

Just to clarify, for you folks who may be new to the Green: redbankgreen is a hyperlocal news site, and we’re borderline anal about our coverage area, which is basically from Red Bank east to Sea Bright.

Every so often, we dip a toe into the southern end of Middletown, or the northern end of Tinton Falls, with occasional peeks in on Lincroft, Shrewsbury and Little Silver. But pretty much everything outside those places might as well be on Mars, for all we care.

The weekly Where Have I Seen This? reflects that. We keep it close to home, meaning within our coverage area.

Thanks to Jenn Woods, Tom Doremus, Matthew Borowski, Alicia Woods and Cathy Costa for writing in about edition 179 of this feature. All but one of them (we won’t say who) recognized the image as a shot of Arch Cleaners on North Bridge Avenue in Red Bank.

You know where this week’s Where is from, right? If you do, or simply want to take a guess, please drop us a line here, and be sure to enter ‘Where?’ in the subject line. Thanks.