When you introduce someone to the music of Elvis, it’s like you’re handing them the key to the universe.”

So we’ve been told by Scot Bruce (left), actor, singer, musician, and — particularly around this time of year — a much-in-demand channeler of the look, sound and essence of the young Elvis Presley. With the 75th birthday of the Memphis Flash coming up this weekend, Elvis is Everywhere, as they say — and today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has the details on a trio of performers who’ll be descending upon our area in a casual contest to prove whose kung foo is King.

On January 15, Bruce returns to Red Bank for the sixth straight year, joined at the Count Basie Theatre by Mike Albert (as the 70s Vegas-era Elvis) in a doubletrouble duet we like to call the Elvis Birthday Bash. Before all that, we welcome back to the Brighton Bar (on the King’s actual January 8 birthdate) that ace of rockabilly aces Robert Gordon, the sixtysomething singing sensation who, while he’s never positioned himself as an Elvis tribute artist, honors the memory of the King in both letter and spirit with his big “smooth fine bourbon of a baritone” and his most recent release It’s Now or Never.

It’s all here, still in the building and Takin’ Care of B, only in Red Bank oRBit!