It’s never been an uncommon thing for writers to prostitute themselves. It’s just that, in the strange case of David Henry Sterry, the latter activity served as springboard to the former.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has an exclusive interview with Sterry (right) — an actor, professor, children’s book collaborator, HuffPost blogger and sports authority who made his first big splash with Chicken, his memoir of a year spent putting himself through college as a 17 year old LA male hooker. The author and editor has also garnered acclaim for the anthology Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys and the how-to guide Putting Your Passion into Print, both of which will be the focus as Sterry visits Asbury Park’s Showroom this Sunday.

For this entry in the BookFLX series, Sterry and a guest panel of “sexperts” will discuss Hos and screen a collection of clips on Hollywood and the Sexworker — after which the publishing-biz specialist will hear book-pitch ideas from the audience in a feature that could only be called Pitchapalooza. We’ve got what you need, right here and all week along, in Red Bank oRBit!