Need a little break from all the white stuff these days?

This week’s Where Have I Seen This? asks you to identify this warm and cozy vignette. Send us an email if it looks familiar, please. Then go put your shovel near the door. Winter’s not over yet.

We have to admit that the first response we got regarding last week’s Where made us wince a bit on behalf of the guy who sent it. That was Rumson Mayor John Ekdahl, and we cringed because he failed to recognize a church steeple from his own town, mistaking the location as that of St. James RC Church in Red Bank.

Correct answer: First Presbyterian Church, on East River Road in Rumson, near the corner of Bingham Avenue.

Thanks for writing in go to the Colmorgen Clan (of whose members Bob Colmorgen and his wife, Debbie, were married at that church), Trish DePonti and of course Mayor Ekdahl, who we suspect is in for a bit of ribbing.