There’s the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, which we updated you on just a few days ago. The always awesome Monmouth Symphony Orchestra and Monmouth Civic Chorus. The best of a new generation of musicians and dancers, plus the internationally acclaimed pianist Julia Zilberquit (right) — all for less than what you’d probably pay for a bottled water at a big-city symphony event.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit has the details on the first-ever Axelrod Classical Music Festival, a “celebration of spring” (and ’bout time, too) that’s going on this weekend on the AxPAC stage of the JCC of Monmouth. It’s a collection of regional talent heretofore unseen on a single platform, complete with a recession-busting ticket and an atmosphere about which it’s been said “there is nothing even remotely stuffy.”

While you’re out taking that fresh spring air, you might want to take a walk by the GARDENhead; the innovative, cerebral Red Bank area band for whom projected images and Macbook post-prod are as essential as the skronk of a guitar or scrape of a violin. Dustin Racioppi introduces us to this anything-but-garden-variety duo — and tells us where we can root for them — ONLY in Red Bank oRBit!