There’s a creative new coalition of artists and businesspeople, on the verge of producing their first big public event. A movement to start a new, year-round, monthly series of 2nd Saturdays happenings. And don’t even get us started on the ambitious Urban Canvas project. But where is it? Where’s it all going on?

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit takes it down to our sister city Long Branch for a look at some pretty exciting things that are in the works within that sprawling seaside scene. The coming days of April, for instance, herald the arrival of an event called Imagine Long Branch, A Masquerade Ball. As the name suggests, it’s an arty party that mixes several generations of people from our local art, music, craft, culinary and commerce communities, in a most unexpected venue — and with custom decorated masks (like the one created and modeled here by Erika Rainey) not only recommended, but available for advance purchase.

We’ll acquaint you with the painters, musicians and business owners behind this slate of events — and we’ll also drop earlybird word on the National Comedy Fest, a high-concept juggernaut of jocularity scheduled to start working the room NEXT April Fool’s Day — not just in Long Branch, but in Red Bank and Asbury Park to boot. You read it here first, right here in Red Bank oRBit!