Can you identify this spartan vignette? Send us an email, please, telling us where you think this photo was taken.

Last week’s image was also the product of some window-shopping or, as someone is sure to suggest, voyeurism.

In this case, our wandering lens alit on the warm interior display at Darryn Murphy Designs, at 24 Mechanic Street in Red Bank. In collaboration with Craig Kiely Designs, Murphy does event and floral design, and from the looks of her website, she is much in demand by clients with a taste for sumptuously moody environments.

One reader mistook the location for Siam Garden restaurant in the Galleria at Red Bank, and another thought it was from the Molly Pitcher Inn, but right answers or wrong, we are always delighted to hear from Where Have I Seen This? fans.

Thank you to MRSTIP, Kathy DeFazio, Pete DeFazio, Mark Molzon and Jacqueline Francisco for writing in.