openspitrinseHarry Mahoney is going to see how long this sign lasts. (Click to enlarge)


The tooth has returned.

Well, not the tooth. But Harry Mahoney has replaced his molar-shaped sign that was stolen a couple weeks ago from the lawn of his River Road dentist office.

Mahoney has gotten used to occasionally carving out choppers to plant out front. While it’s a well-known landmark, it’s also a coveted ornament that people have stolen, he said.

So is replacing the sign an exercise in futility?

“Yeah, probably,” said Mahoney, who has replaced the sign more than once in the 20 years he’s been in business. “But my patients and neighbors are used to it. It’s a great landmark.”

Hopefully this one will stick around for a while, he said.

“It’s done,” Mahoney said. “We’ll see how long it lasts.”