Nearly two dozen readers stirred to life at the sight of the graveyard shown in last week’s Where.

And all but two got the location right: the historic Friends Meeting House at the history-rich corner of Broad Street and Sycamore Avenue in Shrewsbury. Northeast corner, to be precise.

In his photo history of Shrewsbury, Randall Gabrielan of Middletown writes that the cemetery was established by 1701 and that the adjoining meeting house was built in 1816.

One of the wrong answers piqued our curiosity, because we’ve often wondered why Red Bank has no cemeteries within its borders. Lois Daniel pegged it as an old cemetery on Prospect Avenue in Red Bank, near Windward Way. She writes:

When we were kids, we went exploring there and stenciled the unreadable headstone names onto paper.
It was overgrown and the entrance was a long driveway (two tire tracks) off Prospect Ave. into the woods.
Often wondered what ever happened to it when the land was developed.

Lois asks if anyone has any information on the site. We usually close comments on this feature, but we’ll open it up for those who want to answer Lois or talk about cemeteries. But please don’t reveal the answer to this week’s Where. Thanks.

A big whistle-past-the-graveyard thanks to Lois, Jenn Woods, John Ekdahl, Vera Hough, Meredith Oberdorf, Suzann Cahill, Christine Jahnig, Cindy Burnham, Nancy White, Bonnie Brookes, Joel Davies, the Colmorgen Kids, Parker Trasborg, Kristine Giglio, Sandra “I love graveyards” Talarico, DPWMANAGER, Mark Molzon, Pat Mason, Larry Quigley, Joann Wiener, Trish DePonti and Todd Weidman for taking the time to drop us a line.

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