r_devoeName: Joan P. DeVoe (Republican, incumbent)

Age: I feel that age is irrelevant

Occupation: Rumson councilwoman

Length of residence in town: Rumson resident 40 years

General Questions:

1. What do you see as the top three issues in town?

Privatization of Garbage Pick-up, Recreation Dept. and Field Usage, Budget Growth

2. What specifically are you planning to do to address those issues?

A) Rumson garbage pickup service must be thoroughly researched and carefully compared with thoroughly researched private pickup service. This analysis should include the  advantages, disadvantages, safety, security and all possible liabilities which may affect Rumson residents. The DPW Committee of the Council will work to maintain open lines  of communication with Borough employees to assist them while continuing to seek methods to keep costs down.

B) As Council liaison to the Recreation Dept. I will strive to maintain open lines of communication to provide viable programs which include avenues for growth and development through competition. Consideration must be given to standing relationships with contiguous communities such as Fair Haven to achieve goals. Availability of fields for activities is dependent on usage which affects conditions, which in turn must be carefully examined and planned for by the Recreation Dept. and DPW.

C) In order to control budget growth, being mindful of the hard and necessary cap imposed by the Governor, it is incumbent upon the Council to search for and weigh cost effective methods such as salary control and limiting additional studies, committees and programs, among other things, in order to maintain the excellent level of services which Rumson residents have known and enjoyed.

3. What will be the challenges in getting these goals accomplished?

Achievement of these goals is possible through communication, understanding and cooperation. Rumson residents are what makes “Rumson” Rumson and are the reason for  our being. I believe their consideration must be foremost. Regarding the garbage topic, the residents have spoken. It is time for the Council to listen. The use and play of fields  can be accomplished by careful planning and budgeting of times, teams and locations.

4. What expenditures, if any, do you see as ripe for trimming in order to keep the budget growth under the mandated two-percent cap?

I will continue to be mindful of the need to be prudent in the management of our budget.

5. Do you see any potential sources of revenue that need to be tapped?

A joint grant application by the Borough and Forrestdale School has been submitted for the rehabilitation of the school’s existing fields. I will continue to seek and examine other funding  sources.


6. What, if any, municipal services should be consolidated among towns?

At this time Rumson shares services with Fair Haven, Oceanport and Sea Bright. I will continue to research additional cost effective options.

7. What is one thing voters need to know about you, but may not?

I pledge to continue to work to preserve the fundamental principles and ideals which are the cornerstones of this proud and beautiful community. Relative to this point I  encourage all residents to attend Council meetings to make themselves aware of any concerns or suggestions they may have about Rumson. These meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. and are followed by workshop meetings. On alternate Tuesdays workshop meetings are held at 4:30 pm. All meetings are open to the public and are held in the Charles S. Callman Court House. I believe that serving as an elected official is a public trust, and that working together, we can make positive things happen for Rumson.