holiday-dec-09Two of last year’s winners: the Philips residence on Reckless Place and the Lauterwasser residence on East Westside Avenue. (Click to enlarge)

OK, lovers of electric light: your season is officially here. It’s time for Red Bank’s annual Holiday Home Decorating Contest.

We’re talking tons of twinkle. We’re talking inflatable, ground-lit Santas. We’re talking wattage.

Oh, and there’s Vermont maple syrup, not to mention bragging rights, at stake.

holiday-decorating-20101Judged by a committee of volunteers, the contest is for exterior decoration only of homes in the borough. Contestants must register by Wednesday, December 15, and judging will occur the following weekend. Winners will be notified December 20, and Mayor Pasquale Menna will name them at the borough council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 22, at 6:30p.

The winners will get gift certificates ranging in value from $50 to $100 from both the SuperFoodtown and Prown’s Home Improvements.

Business owner David Prown also gives the winners half-gallon cans of maple syrup from his father’s maple syrup farm in Vermont.

Alert foodies will notice something missing from the prizes this year: an offer of a home-cooked dinner from Menna, who has his own chef¬ís smock with his name emblazoned in red over the breast and a recipe for broccoli orecchiette that’s said to be sublime. Hmmm. Will he renew the offer at the winner’s ceremony? Stay tuned.

Here’s a printable version of the entry form: holiday-home-decoration-20101