There’s a new face in town. Ah, but which town? If you think you know, drop us a timely email response.


Speaking of timely, anyone who has ever found himself at the intersection of Broad Street and Harding Road during certain hours in the school year probably recognized last week’s Where, the Thanksgiving edition of this feature.

It showed one of the wacky seasonal hats — in this case, a roasted turkey — sported by Red Bank crossing guard Carl Colmorgen. (That’s Carl hiding behind the stop sign with fellow guard Skip Smith, with whom he’s worked the intersection for four years. Click to enlarge the photos.)

Carl’s topper generated a bounty of email responses. We heard from the following: Mark Molzon, Cindy Burnham, Pete DeFazio, Robert Bruce, Cathy Costa, Trish DePonti, Linda Schwabenbauer, J.C. Kelly, Tom Walukonis, Ellen Clayton, Mike Clayton, Kristine Giglio, Mary Lynn Wentway and Pam Borghi.

Oh, and of course, the other Colmorgen Kids — Carl’s siblings Robert & Kathy Lou and sister-in-law Debbie. They write: “It’s one of the hats that our nut case of a brother wears.”

Thanks to all who wrote in.