This week’s Where Have I Seen This? offers something a little different: four perspectives on the same object. Click the image to get a closer view.

Can you identify it? If you think so, please drop us an email with “Where Have I Seen This?” in the subject line.

Every one of the 19 readers who wrote in about last week’s Where replied with Swiss accuracy that our shot of a four-sided clock was taken at the nearly completed new Memorial Garden on Prospect Avenue in Little Silver.

Thanks to Jenn Woods, Diane Carlton, Jean Kelly, John Ekdahl, Heather, Trista Clayton, Arnold Natali, Sandy Van Sant, Lindsey Hintelmann, Michael Megill, Alicia Woods, Jennifer Diodato-Hernandez, Tom Brenner, Barbara Nussbaum, Nick Hubbard Jr., Alex Jones, Ed Keighron, Taugh Lynch & Lori Brewer for writing in.