Check out this brisk little intro to the world of Red Bank’s Cliff Galbraith, creator of Rat Bastard comic books.

The video is from a series of profiles called Create or Else put together by the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.

‘Rat Bastard’ tells the gritty, spandex-free tale of Roscoe J. Rodent, a scrawny private detective – and rat –plying his trade in a teeming urban world of the future called ‘Manhattan Empire.’ Once licensed for development as a television cartoon, the concept went dormant with the demise of the UPN network. But Galbraith revived the idea as a conventional panel-framed comic book several years back when he found himself coping with a recurrence of Lyme disease.

“It turned out to be very therapeutic,” Galbraith tells redbankgreen.

“There were people in the company who were aware of me,” Galbraith says of his inclusion in the O&M series, which also spotlights a multimedia artist, a muralist/bike restorer, a Lego sculptor, a rock-magazine publisher and others.

The Galbraith segment was shot at his Harding Road home and elsewhere in town last summer, he says.

Galbraith recently completed another installment of the Rat Bastard series, and plans to introduce the comic as an iPad app in the fall.