You know you’ve seen this one out of the corner of your eye, but… where? Where?

It’ll come to you, creeping on ghostly feet in the night. And when it does, send us an email with your answer and the words “Where Have I Seen This?” in the subject line, please.

Last week’s photo was of a mural on the exterior wall of Mumford’s Culinary Center on Apple Street in Tinton Falls, a catering business that also offers cooking instruction. Or the other way around, perhaps.

Jean Kelly, the Colmorgen Kids, Anna Higgins, Wendy Lou Giguere, Margery, Ron Dee and Christine Jahnig wrote in to ID the locale, many of them fans of Mumford’s. Christine recommends dessert chef Debbie Mumford’s white chocolate creme brulee cheesecake and the black and white brownie.

Thanks to all who wrote in.