This one shouldn’t be too hard. If you think know where the above photo was taken, send us an email, please. As usual, we’ll reveal the answer next Thursday.

Last week’s photo was of the McMonagle family mausoleum at the Rumson Burying Ground on Rumson Road, at Conover Lane. Our photo was of the eastern wall.

The late Rumson historian George Moss wrote in a publication that the cemetery is believed to have been established prior to 1700.

Where Have I Seen This? heard from Mike Halfacre, Kevin Chieff, Tim Lake, Lindsey Hintelmann, Kevin Donohue, Richardson, Michael McMahon, Frank Leslie, Pete Lyden, Sue DiMassa and Bonnie Brookes, who “thought there was some irony of putting a ghost of the window of mausoleum.

“The resident of it either had some great humor or some aspirations,” she wrote.

Ghost, or angel? Kevin Donohue, who at first thought it looked like “a witch riding her broom,” writes, “Sorry to the artist, but I actually had to get out of my car to examine it up close before I could see it sort of looks like an ascending angel.”

Thank you to all who wrote in.