just_in1The KaBoom Fireworks show will go on tonight, in spite of a weather forecast that would seem to suggest a need for waterproof picnic blankets and umbrellas at the ready.

Here’s a statement posted on the KaBoom site Sunday morning:

WEATHER UPDATE: Sunday, July 3 10:00 AM:   The fireworks will take place tonight.  The forecast is for the rain to let up by mid-day with a chance of another batch of thunderstorms around 5:00 PM but then will be clearing up for the evening.  If it is raining at 9:15 PM, we’ll wait until the skies clear to launch the fireworks but no matter what tonight.

Here’s what Red Bank Fire Marshal Stanley Sickels, who has final say over whether conditions are safe for launch, had to say in the hours before the 2009 show, when the climactic conditions were similarly iffy:

Only winds over 20 mph or a “torrential” downpour will derail that plan, he says.

“We’ll shoot right through [a less than torrential rainfall] if we have to,” he says.

That means the show will go on in Rumson, too, as the same vendor, Garden State Fireworks, puts on the same show, synched up to the same music track, simultaneously.