We’re back with a wide shot this week. Do you know where it was taken?

If you’d like to guess, send us an email with the words ‘Where Have I Seen This?’ in the subject line, please.

Last week, we showed you a close-up of a sign reading “Arbor Vert.”

The sign marks the entrance to a private residence at 136 Rumson Road in Rumson, between Sailers Way and Bellevue Avenue.

Vera Hough writes:

I always endanger myself and others by trying to peer down the driveway to see what the house is like as I drive by. And I never remember to drive (or bike) by in the winter when it would be easier to see…

Thanks to Vera, Anna Higgins, Nancy Banta, Suzann Cahill, Lori Stratford, Diana Pittet and Tim Lake, who all wrote in to correctly identify it.