Carl Colmorgen is a Red Bank guy to the marrow.

Even if you don’t know him, you’ve probably seen him around town. A retiree, he volunteers with the fire police to help keep traffic flowing around emergency scenes. He volunteers with the municipal court, helping steer anxious and sometimes indignant defendants through a crowded room and a crowded docket.

He works as a school crossing guard when school’s in session, as it is now at St. James School and Red Bank Catholic High, whose kids he helps protect as they cross Broad Street at Harding Road/Reckless Place – and amuses them, and passing motorists, with his silly seasonal hats.

He’s also, as one of the Colmorgen Kids (with siblings Kathy Lou, Bob, and Bob’s wife, Debbie) a devoted fan of Where Have I Seen This? It genuinely bugs him when he doesn’t know the answer, particularly if our photo’s from his hometown.

So, boy, is Mr. Red Bank going to kick himself today.

Carl told us yesterday he had no problem figuring out what last week’s Where showed. But for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out the answer to our second question: where was the photo taken from?

Thursday is municipal court day in Red Bank. Perhaps during a lull in all the hubbub this morning, Carl’s eyes will travel up the wall behind the judge to the windows above…

Perhaps then, if he hasn’t already read this, he’ll realize that our photo was taken from pretty much where he’s standing, give or take a few feet.

For the record, our photo showed the utilities on the roof of the Riverside Towers high-rise, and yes, it was taken from inside the courtroom, which doubles as the council chambers and meeting room for the planning and zoning boards, among other government bodies.

We can hear Carl groaning already. Is there a dunce cap in that collection?

Thanks as always to the Colmorgens and to Jenn Woods for writing in.

Can you identify the location of this week’s shot? If you know, or just want to take a guess, send us an email, please.