siblingAlina and Justin Zimmerman are Sibling Rivalry, and they continue making their Sunday night stand at the doublewide Downtown.

Justin and Alina Zimmerman (ages 17 and 15 respectively, last we checked) have been winning over audiences at places that wouldn’t serve them so much as a Zima for several years now — not to mention the streets of downtown Red Bank, where they helped a guy get the gal of his dreams a few months back.

Now, though, the dynamic duo is doubling down, dowtown, at The Downtown.

The guitar/drums plus vocals duo (who, despite the name Sibling Rivalry, play very nicely together) recently inaugurated a Sunday stand downstairs at the West Front Street club, a series of sets that juxtapose the sibs’ originals with golden newies from the likes of Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz and the Jonas Brothers.

For these go-getter kids, distant relatives of the late Ethel Merman, everything’s coming up roses — and there’s no business like show business.

The Downtown, 10 West Front St., Red Bank • 7pm