Mayor Bob Neff swears in new council member Dane Mihlon, above. Below, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Zazzali of Rumson prepares to swear in Councilman Dan O’Hern Jr., whose late father served with Zazzali on the Supreme Court. (Click to enlarge)


With hizzoner’s grudging acquiescence, redbankgreen hereby nominates Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff as the Green’s most lyrical mayor.

Neff gets the nod for his state-of-the-borough speech, delivered in the form of a poem shortly after he was sworn in to his first full term Wednesday night.

Neff employed meter and rhyme to recap the past year and dish out recognition to various locals.

Here’s the poem:

Last year, this time, three feet of snow, gave Little Silver fits.

Later still, Irene’s ill will, and earthquake tremors, hit.

Our EMS and Fire Police, our firefighters too,

Police and Public Works prevailed, as they always do.

Nature triumphed only once, our mayor fought that fight,

But Suzy, missing Don (for sure) went into that good night.

Others lost set spirits low – Chief Ambrosino, Chip Connell,

And Bernie Marx, who served our town, they surely did it well.

Retirement blessed Tom Mancuso, Bob Tetley and the Chief.

And Susan Edwards said goodbye, Anita’s her relief.

Memorial Park is now online, from Goff a big hooray.

The courtyard at Point Road is cool (plans by Jim Gilday).

The world’s stage was “occupied,” on Wall Street most of all.

Bin Laden’s end by Seal’s shot – free people cheered his fall.

What’s to come? Well, who’s to say, but issues that loom large,

Are Parker House, replacing bridges, perhaps a new garage?

Spiffed up recreation fields are up for some discussion,

a winery, new homes and more, keep planners’ meetings buzzin’.

Arnold and Smith are new this year, they joined Chief Shaffery,

They’ll keep us safe in two-aught-twelve, the best is yet to be.

With Dan and Don, and Dane and Jon, and thankfully Stuart and Dave,

Your Council works hard, and, says this bard, prudently makes its way.

I’ve missed some names – we know you’re there, and no offense was meant.

Appreciation is the key, our thanks was the intent.

My rhyme is done, the meter’s busted, besides, it’s growing late,

Happy New Year to all of you, who make Little Silver great!