Last week’s photo was of a scruffy sign that read “QUAKER PARKING” with a bent arrow painted on it.

“Too obvious,” wrote Sandra Talarico, who along with 15 other readers identified its location as the Quaker Meeting House at the historic Four Corners in Shrewsbury – the intersection of Broad Street (Route 35) and Sycamore Avenue. (We had one incorrect answer: Hudson Street in Red Bank.)

“Thank you for an easy one that brings to an end our dry spell,” wrote Wheregulars Carl, Kathy Lou, Bob and Debbie Colmorgen, aka the Colmorgen Kids.

Here’s a little plug for the folks at the Shrewsbury Friends, a congregation whose roots date back to 1660, from their website:

We are an unprogrammed meeting; there is no set order of service. We wait in expectant silence; vocal messages are given as members and attenders are moved. Children attend for only the first fifteen to twenty minutes at which point they proceed to First Day School. Meeting for Worship lasts about one hour, and is concluded with the shaking of hands with those sitting nearby, followed by announcements of upcoming events. Also at this time, we introduce ourselves when visitors attend. Following Meeting for Worship there is an opportunity for fellowship. There is always coffee and tea and good conversation.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Jenn Woods, Lindsey Hintelmann, Brian Phillips, Parker Trasborg, Christine Jahnig, the Colmorgens, Chris Conk, Eleanor Blass, David Martin, Alan Fisher, Sandra Talarico, Trista Clayton, Jackie Franciso Sapienza, Anna Higgins, Mary White and Mike Welsh.

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