A pair of residential break-ins on the same street in Rumson has borough police advising homeowners to take precautions when they go out.

Detective Chris Isherwood tells redbankgreen that two homes on Brookside Drive, off Rumson Road, were burglarized earlier this month, perhaps on the same day and in all likelihood by the same thiefs.

While home burglaries have been a problem throughout Monmouth County in recent months, “we don’t normally get double hits like that,” Isherwood said.

In both cases, the burglars forced their way into the homes, taking jewelry and electronics, he said.

Police have issued reminders to homeowners who plan to be away:

• Always activate your home security system when going out, even for a short time.
• Make sure all doors and windows are locked, and functioning.
• Keep exterior porch and flood lights on when out at night.
• If away for an extended period, have a neighbor or friend retrieve mail and
newspapers periodically to prevent an obvious buildup.
• Notify the Rumson Police Department if you are going away to be placed on the House Watch list.
• Report any and all suspicious persons and vehicles at any time of day.
• Anyone with information or questions can call the Rumson Police Department at 732-842-0500.

Burglars “just target opportunities,” Isherwood said, and with many families planning to take spring vacations, police thought a timely reminder was in order.