The Ribeye Brothers are the raw meat that rekindles a Memorial Weekend tradition, Sunday evening backside The Dub.   

It’s as sure a signifier of Memorial Weekend as lowered speed limits on Ocean Ave, or highered prices at the pump: the Capistrano-style comeback of The Ribeye Brothers to The Dublin House, an event that heralds the season of sunblock with a party that takes over the play-pen courtyard of The Dub’s outback Temple Bar.

On Sunday, May 25, the guys that redbankgreen hailed for their “mastery of the sixties garage template, and more ways to spin a booze-basted yarn than anyone this side of the big Bukowski” return to the historic House on Monmouth for a session that sees the venerable “detached garage” band (Monster Magnet veterans Tim Cronin, Jon Kleiman and Joe Calandra, plus marshmallow-biking guitar ace Brent Sisk and mega-skilled multi-tasker Neil O’Brien) squeezing out two sets beginning at 7 pm.

Expect those trademark “cautionary tales” of rejection, recidivism, relationship woes and raw ruin (from Call of the Scrapheap, and a burgeoning catalog of Ribeye prime cuts that’s bound to include some brand new tunes) — filtered through a succinct and savvy sensibility that turns Cronin-Kleiman’s bitterly funny bagatelles into the most raucously pounding pity party (with free admission, yet) you’ll ever encounter on the fringes of a public parking lot. Look for redbankgreen and a whole lot more discerning neighbors, and call out in the night for The Boss’s professed favorite Ribeyes tune, “Lonesome Rhodes.”