HOT-TOPIC_01Middletown officials have now confirmed eight cases of rabies in wild animals this year.

The latest case followed a report by a resident in the area of Walnut Avenue between Pine Street and Chestnut Street who saw a raccoon acting sickly in the backyard.

From an announcement by the township government:

Over the past few months, the township Health Department has found and reported 6 raccoons and one fox that have tested positive for Rabies. The previous locations of the animals were:
• 900 Leonardville Road, Croydon Hall Complex
• Route 35 between Kanes Lane and Kings Highway East
• Red Hill Road between Dwight Road and Deepdale Drive
• Michael Drive off of Nutswamp Rd
• Ueland Road off of Nutswamp Road
• Essex Street off of Bray Ave
• Clay Court off of Hartshorne Road

The township would like to alert residents about the dangers of interacting with any wildlife. Rabies can be found in many animals. The Health Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to keep their distance from all wildlife, ill appearing or not, and to also keep an eye on pets around these animals. Do not let dogs or cats run free where they may become in contact with wildlife. All dogs and cats must be licensed in Middletown, which requires that they all have current rabies vaccinations.

If you come across a sick or injured animal, keep your distance and please contact Animal Control at 732-615-2097 immediately or contact the Police Department after hours and on weekends. Remember, Rabies is a fatal disease. The best course of defense is the vaccination of your pets and not handling or interacting with wildlife.