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Last week’s Where was easy/hard…

Easy, that is, because the photo gave away the answer, showing a cornerstone that reads, “Toop Building, 1950.”

Hard, though, because if you don’t already know the Toop building by name, and didn’t pick up any visual clues, well, good luck Googling it.

Turns out the Toop Building doesn’t get much if any attention from the Internet. Where fan Rich McKenna told us he was baffled: everything he checked led him to London.

Yeah, London’s a bit off the Green. But Lincroft isn’t.

The Toop Building is a strip mall on Newman Springs Road/Route 520 in Lincroft, next door to the Exxon station.

And that cornerstone – which isn’t actually a cornerstone but sits at about chin level – is “right between my pork roll egg & cheese from Joyce’s and coffee from DD,” writes TJ Brustowicz.

We also heard from Martin Arasin, Barbara Thorpe and Susan Croken. Thanks to all who wrote in: Toop of the morning to ya, guvnah!