rb rayrap 082114 4Audience members reviewing the site plan for a market, condos and townhomes at Red Bank’s five corners, detailed below. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


rb rayrap 082114 1 A proposed greenmarket and 20 homes on the edge of downtown Red Bank began what could be an extended series of hearings Thursday night.

The zoning board heard descriptive testimony for developer Ray Rapcavage’s project, dubbed ‘Renaissance Village,’ which calls for a two-story commercial building on Harding Road, 10 condos on Clay Street and 10 townhouses on Hudson Avenue.

The proposal needs a raft of variances for approval, including one that requires street-level commercial use in residential buildings in the zone in which the three-quarter-acre site is located. Instead, the Rapcavage plan limits the commercial usage to a proposed 4,300-square-foot grocery on the first floor and a possible yoga studio on the second floor of the Harding Road “market building.”

Variances are also needed for parking and setback shortfalls, among others.

Thursday night’s testimony was limited to a rundown of the plan’s particulars by Rapcavage’s engineer, Andrew Comi, and the variances being sought.

Board members asked few question’s durings Comi’s 80-minute presentation, and no questions were taken from the the audience that nearly filled the council chamber for the session.

The hearing is scheduled to resume on September 4.