RFH swimPress release from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School

On February 12, the Boys Swim Team at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School captured the program’s first Group C Central championship, when the third-seeded RFH Bulldogs bested number one seed Lawrence High School with a score of 95-75 to claim the historic win.

The Bulldogs reached the final round against Lawrence by defeating number six seed Cranford High School in the second round, and number two seed Governor Livingston High School in the semifinal round.

“This has been a total team effort,” said Head Coach Zach Wilson, an art teacher at RFH. “Our middle lane swimmers have been dominating the other teams up to this point, and our outside lane guys have been swimming out of their minds – they are recording best times at each meet to bring in the all-important third, fourth, and fifth place finishes.”

Swimmers Andrew Bunt, Sid Farber, Andrew Newsome, Matt Shaw, and Teddy Smith took first place in all eleven events against Lawrence High School. But, according to Wilson, it was the outside lane swimmers who really sealed the win for the Bulldogs.

Hank Alderoty swam two personal-best times, taking second place in the 200 Freestyle (1:57.75) and third in the 500 Freestyle (5:25.70). Andrew Newsome also swam his personal- best times, winning the 100 Backstroke event and getting a huge third place finish in the 100 Freestyle (52.94).

The RFH Boy Swim Team roster features Hank Alderoty, Bram Bruno, Jacob Burns, Andrew Bunt, Sid Farber, Jack Haywood, Hardy Hewson, Ryan Hurst, Christian Keale, James Lucey, Leo Maita, Andrew Newsome, John Phelan, Kyle Sach, Patrick Sach, Hayden Schuman, Matt Shaw, Teddy Smith, Patrick Walsh, and Cash Woldseth.