knollwood 1Knollwood School is the place, and October 7 the date for “Fair Haven Pride,” the first of four public-welcome workshops in the borough’s Vision 2020 strategic planning initiative.

Press release from Fair Haven School District

The Fair Haven School District will host a series of four workshops to elicit suggestions from the community as it embarks on “Fair Haven Vision 2020,” a 2015-2020 strategic planning initiative. The first workshop, “Fair Haven Pride,” is scheduled for October 7 from 7 to 8:30 pm, and will be hosted in the all-purpose room at Knollwood School All-Purpose Room.

Additional 7 pm workshops are scheduled to take place at Knollwood School on November 11 at 7 pm (“The Vision”), on December 1 (“Defining Action Steps”), and on January 21, 2016 (“Data Night”). Each will adhere to a strict 90-minute time-frame, and those wishing to participate are not required to attend all four workshops.

“Our district’s goal is to engage school employees, parents, students, community members, business owners, and government leaders in the plans being made for the future of our school system,” said Fair Haven School District Superintendent Nelson Ribon. “I encourage attendance at any or all of these workshops, where we hope to engage the entire community in an important conversation about the needs and expectations of our schools.”

As part of the strategic planning project, community web-based surveys will be distributed to Fair Haven residents. All information returned through the survey will be collated and analyzed, and a summary report will be prepared to identify trends and present recommendations.

Strategic planning will allow the district to:

• Provide an opportunity for community members to share ideas that may improve the district as a whole

• Identify opportunities during these challenging times

• Focus all of the community’s resources toward common goals

• Create a shared vision of what the school district should look like five years from now

• Identify the action steps that will enable achievement of goals identified for the school district

• Develop a multi-year plan that focuses the District’s efforts and financial resources on mutually determined goals that support the needs of Fair Haven students

The district has entered a contract with the Educational Information & Resource Center (EIRC), a well-respected public non-profit agency, for consulting services related to Strategic Planning 2015-2020. The EIRC Planning Team assigned to the Fair Haven School District — consisting of  Charles M. Ivory, Ed.D. and Gerald H. Woehr, Ed.D. – will help facilitate the communication and planning process.

Based in Mullica Hill, EIRC has successfully contracted for numerous demographic and feasibility studies and performed extensive grant evaluation projects during its 47-year history. EIRC has worked with numerous school districts in all 21 New Jersey counties over the past three years to engage their school communities in the strategic planning process.