Tears-for-Fears-17Everybody wants to rule the charts…but few did it with greater consistency during the 1980s than Tears For Fears, the British duo who make their Red Bank debut on the Count Basie Theatre stage this Wednesday, September 30. 

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” “Sowing the Seeds of Love.” “Shout.” “Head Over Heels.” “Mad World.” What’s most remarkable about these MTV-era transatlantic 1980s hits isn’t that they’ve lived on long beyond their original Top Ten tenure in movies, commercials and TV show soundtracks — it’s that all these (and more) are the work of a single pop entity, the British-based duo known as Tears For Fears.

The platinum-plated professional partners Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, who reunited a decade ago following a momentum-killing breakup, are back on the bus here at the tail end of 2015; purveying the above-mentioned memories (and other songs thematically inspired by self-help and pop psychology tropes) to audiences who in many cases weren’t around to experience them the first time — and arriving (also for the first time) at the doorstep of the Count Basie Theatre this Wednesday, September 30.

The guys from T4F, whose most recent release was the 2014 Record Store Day EP Ready Boys and Girls?, will be wrapping up this leg of their tour itinerary at the Basie, with remaining tickets to the 8 pm show ($79 – $139) reservable right here.