IMG_0131Red Bicycle Studio owner Jonathan Erdelyi meets  a group of students from Ms. Wall’s bilingual class at Red Bank Primary School, during a visit keyed to a classroom poster project.

Press release from Red Bank Primary School

They’re called “The Wallstars,” a group of 23 students from Mercedes Wall’s bilingual class at Red Bank Primary School — and when the students paid a visit to The Red Bicycle Studio on Front Street recently, it was the culminating event to a project that saw the class create informational posters about bicycles, currently on displayed at the Front Street store owned by Jonathan Erdelyi.

Mrs. Wall’s class had been hard at work over the last three weeks, researching and developing posters that both depict and teach others about the different bicycles available to everyone today. The students researched the topic using a variety of resources, including more than 20 books from the Monmouth County Library, countless web sites from local bike shops and many educational bicycle web sites.  In addition, bicycle parts were brought into the classroom as a way to gain background information. The collaboration included many days of group work, peer assessment and countless revisions and rewrites.

bike wallA sampling of the posters created by “The Wallstars” of Red Bank Primary, on display at Red Bicycle Studio on Front Street.

As a reward for their hard work and dedication to the posters, the students walked to Red Bicycle Studio, where  Mr. Erdelyi became their “teacher for the day.” Students asked a plethora of questions and commented on the shop owner’s many bicycles, medals and awards on display. The Wallstars developed an understanding for the hard work and dedication that it takes to start a business, and at the end of the visit Mr. Erdelyi gave each student a water bottle with the company’s name and logo.

“We learned so much about bicycles,” said Patricia, a student in Mrs. Wall’s class. “I hope we get to do this again!”