FH schoolsFair Haven Police Sergeant Jesse Dykstra, Knollwood School eighth grader Joey Laughinghouse and Sickles School Library Media Services Specialist June Sustick discuss goals for the future of the school district.

Press release from Fair Haven School District

Fair Haven community members collaborated in a unique way at a recent Strategic Planning Workshop tied to the future success of the school district. The workshop entitled “Defining Action Steps” was held on December 1 at Knollwood School, and facilitated by Dr. Charles Ivory and Dr. Gerard Woehr of the nonprofit Education Information and Resource Center (EIRC).

“Defining Action Steps” was the third in a series of four workshops designed to provide community members with a unique opportunity for involvement in the Fair Haven Vision 2020 strategic plan. At previous workshops, attendees worked together to communicate points of pride in the present-day school district, as well as define concrete goals in seven specific areas to help ensure the district’s future success. Those in attendance at “Defining Action Steps” (including a group of grade school students) took part in what was described as a “Carousel Brainstorm” of practical measures that could be taken to reach the future goals communicated by attendees and recorded by EIRC.

“Lots of consensus will emerge, and that is very powerful because it represents the vision of a diverse group of individuals,” said Ivory. “The result will be a list of action steps for which you will be holding the school district responsible going forward.”

Attendees were referred to a “wish list” of community-identified goals in seven areas, including Teacher Quality and Retention, Curriculum, School Community, Administration, and Student Success. Groups brainstormed on the seven areas, discussing “action steps” that would be most likely be attainable at low or no cost,  as well as a “dream action step” — one that stood out from the crowd and should be considered regardless of what its completion would entail. Information recorded through all three workshops will be used to pinpoint recommendations for the district’s current strategic planning initiative. More information can be found under “Strategic Planning” on the Fair Haven School District website.

”Data Night,” the fourth and final workshop at Knollwood School, will take place at 7 pm on January 21, 2016. All members of the Fair Haven school community are invited to participate, whether or not they have attended previous workshops.