Deane-Porter Spring concertMusic teacher Valerie Wagner (back to camera) leads students through a performance at the 2016 Deane-Porter Second and Third Grade Spring Concert.

Press release from Rumson School District

Beautiful voices and high energy filled the air as second and third grade students at Deane-Porter School presented their patriotic-themed Spring Concert on the evening of June 2. The delightful performances were directed by Deane-Porter Music Teacher Valerie Wagner.

Song selections for the third graders were “This Is America” (featuring soloists Santina Diaco-Cardillo and Olivia Spiegel), “Rocky Mountain,” “Rock Star” (featuring soloists Britt Lumsden and Mary Helen McCooey), and “Yankee Doodle Boy//Kid from the USA.”

Second graders performed “Hoe Down,” “The Crawdad Songs,” “La Cucaracha,” and “Thankful for the U.S.A.” The final performance was the “Deane-Porter School Song” performed by second and third graders.

Announcers were Stephen Deignan, Joseph French, Nicholas French, Oliver Glenn, Kat O’Connor, and Colleen Pascucci. The concert also featured a slide presentation of the third grade class, whose members will soon be “Movin’ On Up” to fourth grade at nearby Forrestdale School.

At the concert’s conclusion, Deane-Porter School Principal Shari Feeney took the stage to address the large and enthusiastic crowd and give a public “shout out” to Wagner.

“Mrs. Wagner not only teaches our students to sing and perform, she also teaches them to believe in their dreams,” said Feeney. “She is a very special teacher.”