jen beck 052715State Senator Jen Beck, seen here with local Republicans in 2015, passed on this week’s Republican National Convention. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


Election_2016_PlainFour months after saying Governor Chris Christie should choose between Donald Trump and New Jersey, Republican State Senator Jen Beck of Red Bank is sitting out her party’s national convention this week.

While Christie is in Cleveland carrying water for the prospective GOP nominee, Beck was back home, telling Paul Brubaker of the Backgrounder podcast that she feels “conflicted” about Trump’s ascendance.

Beck had supported Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is sitting out the convention in his own state.

“Some people might say I’m just a sore loser,” Beck said. “I don’t know. I just want to see our country do well, as I think everyone does, and I think it’s a job that’s not just soundbites but a lot of difficult decision-making.”

Regarding other New Jersey Republicans who have given Trump the cold shoulder this week, including former Republican governors Tom Kean and Christine Todd Whitman, Brubaker asked Beck if she feels vindicated.

“In a way I feel conflicted because I feel that this is a time in our country where we really need solid, thoughtful leadership, and sophisticated people to take this country forward, and I worry about where we’re going,” Beck said in the podcast, available on

Back in March, after Christie had been vanquished in the race for the GOP nomination, Beck said he could not “continue serving as our governor” if he was going to remain on the campaign trail with Trump, who he quickly endorsed.

Christie, Beck said, “a grown man” free to choose his own presidential favorite, but she won’t be joining him in campaigning for Trump. “On that issue, I just happen to not agree,” she said.

As for the Democrat Hillary Clinton, Beck said the time has come for a woman to become president, but “I won’t vote for her.”

The podcast is also available here.