rbrPress release from Red Bank Regional High School

Each year, the fundraising organization known as the RBR BUC Backer Foundation accepts applications from teachers in the Red Bank Regional School District, as a way of financing programs or initiatives that are not usually met within the regular school budget.

As Red Bank Regional High School prepares for the new school year, students will benefit from approximately $40,000 in grants made available to RBR teachers through the BUC Backer Foundation’s teacher-grant program.

“It is part of our mission to support all aspects of student education and development,” explains the foundation’s co-president Carmelina MacPherson. “In the grant process, we seek to accept proposals that are great ideas and positively impact the broad base of students.”

This year’s grants were to:

• Coaches James Young, Alyssa Guderian and Nick Tucker, for strength and conditioning equipment to prevent injuries in female athletes

• Academy of Information Technology teacher Jeremy Milonas, for technology devices to enhance student knowledge of programming and cybersecurity

• RBR Dean of Students Alan Choback, for equipment for conversion of old weight room

• Italian teacher Federica Proietti Cesaretti, to attend International Baccalaurean Italian training in Milan, Italy

• English teacher Edward Chang, for purchasing equipment for an after-school chess program

• English Language Learner teachers Rose Powers and Kelly Moylan, to purchase technology to help improve student preparation and readiness for both mainstream courses and required assessments

• Academy of Visual & Performing Arts piano teacher Camille Thompson, for equipment to expand recording technology for piano, musicianship and music theory students

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