Press release from Rumson School District

Rumson School District’s Wellness Committee is hard at work planning and organizing activities and events to promote healthy habits and the well-being of students and staff. The committee is a vehicle to promote and inform teachers, staff, students and families about health, active lifestyles and nutrition.

Our Committee consists of parents, school nurses, Forrestdale School’s health teacher, a Simplified Culinary Food Service Manager, Physical Education teachers and the principals of the borough’s public schools. The dynamic combination of various backgrounds and specialties allows for a plethora of ideas and strategies to improve our schools.

Last spring, the committee assessed the school’s climate, programs, cafeterias and wellness plans that are currently in place and identified changes that would strengthen and improve our practices.

Our School Wellness Committee is currently working on several initiatives.

  • Nutrition education and promotion activities which includes information assembly for students with the nutritionist from Simplified Culinary.
  • Healthy choice food tastings and review for students
  • A Wellness Week that will fall during screen free week
  • Collaborating with the American Heart Association on Wear Red and Garden Community
  • Eating Healthy Day
  • Promoting a Staff wellness program

Bike to Ignite was a kick start to wellness and a huge success. Families participated biking and walking to school instead of driving or taking the bus.

Facts you may not know about Simplified Culinary:

  • Our food service currently sources from local farmers to provide the freshest quality produce to our students
  • They use local vendors for bread and bagels
  • Their marinara sauce is made with NJ tomatoes and is used for pizza sauces, on pasta and in their soups
  • They make their own soups, sauces, salads, pizza, hummus, sandwiches and baked items (including gluten and allergen free)
  • Cleaner proteins are regularly featured on the menu-no antibiotic chicken, grass fed meat, and organic cheeses
  • Organic a la carte items are also offer which include milk, yogurt, and snacks

Keep an eye out for the Wellness events coming in the spring!