Left to right: Jersey Shore Chinese School Dancers Chloe Lee, Elena Chu, Kaitlyn Chien, Gloria Liu, Audrey Su and Sydney Sun perform a folk dance number during last week’s visit to Red Bank Regional.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

On January 27,  Chinese world language students at Red Bank Regional High School invited their entire school to celebrate the Year of the Rooster for the Chinese New Year.  The students demonstrated their language skills singing several songs in Chinese including, “Sorry my Chinese is Not Good” and “Congratulations.” They also introduced their very talented guests from the Jersey Shore Chinese School in Holmdel, who performed dazzling traditional folk dances and the popular Dragon and Lion dances in grandiose costumes.

RBR Chinese students introduced the Lion Dance as the first act, with the dancers informing their fellow students that the dance “has been part of the Chinese culture of thousands of years and represents power, wisdom, fortune, longevity and good luck.”

The audience enjoyed the pageantry of the performances and particularly marveled over the amazing skill that Jersey Shore Chinese students demonstrated with their giant yoyos.  BR Assistant Principal Rob Donohoe, Supervisor of the World Language Department, joined them onstage, competently manipulating the Chinese yoyo.

RBR offers two levels of Chinese as well as French, Italian and Spanish in its World Language program. The invitation to the Chinese School was made possible by the RBR Chinese World Language Teacher, Chinyun Wu, who also teaches at the Jersey Shore Chinese School.