Press release from  Christian Brothers Academy

On Thursday, May 18, Christian Brothers Academy celebrated the 55th graduation exercises inside the Collins Arena at Brookdale Community College.

CBA Principal R. Ross Fales began the ceremony recalling Bishop O’Connell’s message to the seniors at their Baccalaureate Liturgy: to remain men of integrity.

Of the 233 graduating seniors, 220 will be attending four-year schools that rank among the best universities or colleges nationally or regionally in US News & World Report. Two-thirds of the Class of 2017 received merit-based scholarships, totaling $23,576,000.

The Class of 2017 included 27 members of the National Honor Society. This senior class completed over 23,600 community service hours—an average of 102 hours per graduate.

Nicholas Harris delivered the ceremonial opening address as salutatorian, while Matthew Prince delivered the Valedictory address. Prince called to mind the story of Bill Gates, who endured many setbacks before his rise to multi-billionaire, industry-leading CEO. “Pursue your ambitions, but understand you will fail many, many times,” said Prince.

Upon receiving their diploma, each graduate received a ceremonial Challenge Coin, presented to them by an alumnus celebrating his 50th high school reunion. The coin represents a commitment—to live by the Academy Oath that all students take each year and to return back to their alma mater in fifty years to continue the tradition.

Members of the Class of 2017 will be continuing their journeys at the following colleges and universities:

Adriano, Arthur John ASeton Hall University
Alacan, AlexanderTemple University
Alexanian, MatthewOcean County College
Almeida, VictorVirginia Tech
Angeles, John HFlagler College
Anzalone, GenaroRutgers University-New Brunswick
Anzano, Drake JPrinceton University
Attia, Youssef AUniversity of Hartford
Babiak, RonaldSeton Hall University
Baldes, Anthony KRutgers University-New Brunswick
Bartlewitz, Richard GPennsylvania State University
Bateman, Ethan PBoston College
Beck, Jack CBoston University
Bell, Aidan JUniversity of Mississippi
Berger, Christian DVillanova University
Berkowitz, Daniel HTufts University
Bhattacharya, Kirin KUniversity of Miami
Bodisch, Brendan MBucknell University
Boriotti, Aedan JRutgers University-New Brunswick
Boyan, Garret CThe Catholic University of America
Boyle, Joseph FLa Salle University
Boyle, KevinRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Brazinski, Dane BSyracuse University
Brewer, Ryan MUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Broderick, AndrewLoyola University Maryland
Brooks, Colton JPennsylvania State University
Brown, John RClemson University
Butler, Sean MSacred Heart University
Camacho, Matheu Raemon JManhattan College
Campi, Joseph GVillanova University
Carbone, JosephSeton Hall University
Caruso, Marco RBoston College
Casner, Nicholas DSiena College
Catalano, Jonathan PManhattan College
Catapano, AnthonyProvidence College
Cavallaro, Matthew JSyracuse University
Cernero, John LSyracuse University
Child, ChristopherFordham University
Clark, Colin MVillanova University
Clarke, Colin JBoston College
Clifton, CoreyQuinnipiac University
Cole, Riley JUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
Condon, JacobThe College of New Jersey
Contessa, DerekPursuing Amateur Hockey Career
Cornette, Owen CElon University
Corrigan, MillerTulane University
Costa, John APepperdine University
Coyle, Colin PPennsylvania State University
Crociata, Nicholas JBoston University
Croken, Jack EThe University of Scranton
Cutler, David ANew Jersey Institute of Technology
D’Aniello, JohnPursuing Amateur Hockey Career
DeFelice, Stephen EUniversity of Delaware
Delaglio, JonathanRowan University
DeMaio, Andrew JCollege of Charleston
Desravines, FredsonProvidence College
Devin, James LRutgers University-New Brunswick
Dietrich, Nicolas RNorwich University
DiLeo, Christopher MUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington
Dolan, ChristopherThe Catholic University of America
Dunigan, John GVillanova University
Durney, Brendan MSyracuse University
Dyer, John LStevens Institute of Technology
Ebert, Nick AnthonyVirginia Tech
Egbert, Will RSaint Joseph’s University
Errichetti, Ben TBoston College
Esposito, Salvatore MRutgers University-New Brunswick
Falcone, Carmine SThe New School – All Divisions
Farina, Thomas RichardUnion College (New York)
Farr, Thomas JSusquehanna University
Farrell, Andrew VWentworth Institute of Technology
Farrell, MatthewPennsylvania State University
Fazio, Dylan AnthonyManhattan College
Fazzolari, Carmelo JQuinnipiac University
Ferrigine, Christopher JPrinceton University
Fioretti, Thomas DFairfield University
Franco, Louis PClemson University
Frawley, Anthony JSacred Heart University
Freyre, Andrew ARutgers University-New Brunswick
Gardner, Riley MBucknell University
Gatta, Michael FMonmouth University
Gaudio, ShaneElon University
Gentile, Tyler MGeorgetown University
Gilmartin, John KKean University
Gioia, Thomas AFordham University
Giordano, John TThe University of Scranton
Golden, Brian PUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Gotterup, Christopher JRutgers University-New Brunswick
Grable, TimmyWilkes University
Graeff, Connor JUniversiteit van Amsterdam
Gregory, MatthewSeton Hall University
Griffin, ConnorUniversity of Delaware
Grillo, Brandon FrancisFranklin & Marshall College
Guglielmo, Val MBrookdale Community College
Hakim, Kel SRochester Institute of Technology
Harris, Jeremy ABoston College
Hayes, Kyle JUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
Healy, John HRowan University
Hettwer, ChristianCollege of William and Mary
Holsey, Bryan GDelaware Valley University
Holt, Ryan PMichigan State University
Huber, Joseph RLehigh University
Hurley, Collin MJames Madison University
Iannone, Christopher JUniversity of Delaware
Iovine, Joseph ACornell University
Jacoutot, Timothy TMonmouth University
Jinks, Timothy RDrew University
Jose-Pacheco, Luis GNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Judge, Thomas MJames Madison University
Kane, Kevin FQuinnipiac University
Karris, Nicholas GNorthwestern University
Kelly, Matthew RBoston College
Kolb, Matthew BRutgers University-New Brunswick
Kollman, Patrick MCarnegie Mellon University
Koury, John EVirginia Tech
Krall, Michael AQuinnipiac University
LaForgia, JosephUniversity of Pennsylvania
Lang, Cooper JosephThe College of New Jersey
Lankau, Colin PArcadia University
Lautato, ChristopherProvidence College
Lautato, MatthewProvidence College
Lazzaro, Emanuel CUniversity of Notre Dame
Lenhart, Maxwell DFairfield University
Lentini, JosephPennsylvania State University
Leonard, ShaneXavier University
Leonardo, BrandonAssumption College
Lim, Joshua KElon University
Lowicki, ChristopherUniversity of South Carolina
Lucarelli, Gregory TUniversity of Delaware
Lucchese, FrankPhiladelphia University
Lundborg, Tad CNew York University
Lynch, James EPennsylvania State University
Lynn, James KVillanova University
MacGregor, JohnCaldwell University
Madalone, Ryan ScottSkidmore College
Maes, Robert CWebb Institute
Magno, Christopher PVirginia Tech
Magoulas, ArisThe Catholic University of America
Mahedy, Christopher RRutgers University-New Brunswick
Manetto, Giancarlo ARutgers University-New Brunswick
Markowski, MatthewNew York University
Mawson, Matthew PUniversity of Michigan
Mayo, Alex WSaint Joseph’s University
Mazzarella, Lucas DArizona State University
McCabe, Daniel BOcean County College
McGowan, Jake NUniversity of Delaware
McGuiness, Ryan CFordham University
McHeffey, Christopher LBryant University
McKay, Connor PSacred Heart University
McNamara, Jack TLa Salle University
Meagher, Cianan RLa Salle University
Meehan, RonaldThe University of Alabama
Menendez, EvanUniversity of Delaware
Mentesana, AnthonyPace University, Westchester Campus
Millward, Christian EMessiah College
Misson, MatthewClemson University
Misson, Scott HSusquehanna University
Moran, Noah CNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Morreale, Salvatore PPennsylvania State University
Murphy, Jack CHaverford College
Mustillo, Robert MVillanova University
Muñoz, WilliamUniversity of California, Berkeley
Nerbetski, John CLa Salle University
Niedermeyer, Alfonse JFordham University
Nigro, Ryan JNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Nowak, Edward JRowan University
Nowak, Nicholas ERowan University
O’Brien, Sean GPennsylvania State University
O’Connor, Ryan PLoyola University Maryland
O’Hara, Aidan MProvidence College
Owens, Zachary CVirginia Tech
Pannullo, James VPurdue University
Pell, Brian PThe College of New Jersey
Pepe-Lage, MichaelPennsylvania State University
Pisciotti, Nicholas JNew York University
Povelaitis, MichaelNorth Carolina State University
Prefer, Erik CThe College of New Jersey
Prince, MatthewCornell University
Quinn, Peter ACabrini University
Read, PeterFairfield University
Redaelli, Lance EPennsylvania State University
Reich, Nicholas LFairfield University
Reilly, Sean TThe College of New Jersey
Riccio, Dillan GThe University of Alabama
Rinaldi, Salvatore DominickSalve Regina University
Roberts, Zachary JBrookdale Community College
Robertson, Aaron RRowan University
Rooney, Andrew CPalm Beach Atlantic University
Rosa, Michael ChristopherThe University of Alabama
Schuhardt, Travis NNew York University
Scully, Liam MichaelVirginia Tech
Seebeck, Collin MClemson University
Sepko, Dominic JRutgers University-New Brunswick
Shea, John PThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sinahon, Jarod JUniversity of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Smith, James FVillanova University
Somers, Andrew JHigh Point University
Somers, Trevor RProvidence College
Sorrentino, Neil PKing’s College
Spaanstra, Edward BRowan University
Sparber, Joseph AUniversity of Miami
Spohrer, Joseph AnthonyVirginia Tech
Squillaro, Domenico LStevens Institute of Technology
Stark, Joseph PBucknell University
Steenland, Benjamin MWagner College
Straine, Finn PUniversity of South Carolina
Suky, Nicholas JFairfield University
Sullivan, Owen JRochester Institute of Technology
Thorsheim, Matthew TBucknell University
Toppi, Matthew GThe Catholic University of America
Totland, JakeRutgers University-New Brunswick
Trabattoni, Alec CMonmouth University
Trezza, Sean LLafayette College
Trigani, ColinBoston College
Tsarnas, Evan EQuinnipiac University
Tsarnas, Stephan EState University of New York at Albany
Turi, Nicholas EdwardBrookdale Community College
Tutrone, Domenick PUniversity of Florida
Vaccaro, Andrew TThe University of Alabama
Venezia, AndrewLafayette College
Waller, Christopher JUnited States Merchant Marine Academy
Waraksa, Lucas ASeton Hall University
Ward, Connor JFairfield University
Weber, SamUniversity of Michigan
Weinhofer, Paul AStevens Institute of Technology
Wickham, LukeJacksonville University
Wilhelm, Jonathan RSacred Heart University
Wilson, Clinton FCurry College
Wilt, John MBelmont University
Worden, Julian MWilliam Paterson University of New Jersey
Yuro, Noah GUniversity of Richmond
Zaborowski, Zachary JSalve Regina University
Zachariah, Chris VRutgers University-New Brunswick


Past CBA vice president, principal, and CBA Hall of Fame inductee Brother Ralph Montedoro, FSC received a standing ovation in recognition of his 50 years of service to CBA.

The evening concluded with a formal congratulations from CBA president Brother Frank Byrne, FSC. Principal Fales led the seniors in a closing prayer.