Press release from Christian Brothers Academy

On May 15, just prior to the school’s graduation ceremony, seniors in the Senior Scholars Program at Christian Brothers Academy presented their research as part of the second annual CBA Scholars Colloquium.

The evening featured four presentations, held in the Henderson Theatre, during which members showcased an incredible degree of dedicated research, experimentation, and practical findings. Each senior provided a 30-minute presentation of their topic, led question-and-answer session, and explained their plans for continued study. Senior Manny Lazarro served as master of ceremonies for the event.

Presentations included:

Travis Schuhardt ’17 presented on “An Analysis and Application of Poetics,” and will be attending New York University in the fall.

Joseph LaForgia ’17 presented on “The Robotic Arm: a Study in Engineering, Physics, and Programming,” which included a live demonstration of his creation. LaForgia will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Ethan Bateman ’17 presented on “Chromesthesia” and its impact on his love of music theory. Bateman will attend Boston College in the fall.

Nicholas Karris ’17 presented on “The Mathematics of Moneyball, ” and will be attending Northwestern University in the fall.

Directed by Mr. Jeffrey Matson (History chair), the CBA Scholars Program offers students a unique chance to embark on college-level independent research and thesis development during their upperclassmen years at CBA. Members of the program are free to pursue a thesis they are most interested in, and final presentations are held during the month of March. The top senior projects are selected for the annual Colloquium, which is open to the public.