Press release from Rumson Country Day School

Joyful voices rang throughout the commons. Melodic tunes from the band carried down the hall from the auditorium. From outside on the fields came the sound of dramatic sketches, and from the parents came oohing and ahhing of admiration, as children excitedly pointed out their projects that decorated the walls of the school.

On May 18, over 600 parents, students and teachers experienced the infectious passion of The Second Annual RCDS Arts Festival at The Rumson Country Day School.

During the Thursday evening event, students from Nursery to Grade 8 contributed to a broad display of visual art displayed throughout the building, in media that included watercolors, ceramics, mosaics, origami and more. Performing arts students delivered solos, duets, instrumental and choral numbers, as well as displays of public speaking and forensics.

Throughout the evening, attendees were asked to share their greatest inspiration on hand-held signs for a photo opportunity in front of a vibrantly colored installation of angel wings, inspired by renowned artist Kelsey Montague and her What Lifts You Campaign.

“As an artist and educator it really is my job to inspire,” said Melissa Petersen, head of the Art Department at RCDS. “It is important to lift my students and encourage them to see from creative perspectives so when they leave here they can fly.”

In addition to Mrs. Petersen’s efforts, attendees praised the contributions by wood shop, art, drama and music teachers Walt Tracey, Cynthia Klemm, Amanda Weiss, Sara McDermott and Anthony Grecco. The annual RCDS Arts Festival will return in the spring of 2018.